[Teen Voices] Defining Adulthood

Maybe I don’t know what adulthood is. I’ve only been seventeen for three days. Yesterday someone told me women’s brains are fully developed by twenty-five. I asked LunaLuna staff how they defined adulthood; here are some of their definitions.

Emotionally Evolved Enough: An Interview with Megan Falley

photo credit Bridget Badore Trying to exemplify what Megan Falley’s poetry has done for the current poetry scene is difficult. She is a voice to be reckoned with. She draws from pain, from truth and turns it into big luscious…

The HOTTEST Disney Princes, Ranked

  Am I allowed to say a cartoon is sexy? What about a cartoon animal? Can I at least say a cartoon fox is foxy? I’m getting confused. This feels awkward. Let’s move on. 4). Prince Charming Tbh, all the…

Emma Watson's UN Speech & #HeForShe

Luna Luna is asking all men to take a stand for gender equality. Watch this speech, share it with your brothers, and get involved with #HeForShe.

The Meat Dilemma

I hurtled down Sprain Brook Parkway skirting the guardrail and rugged New York bluffs. On the opposite side of the rail, the Bronx River was grey, shadowed by clouds and speckled with fallen leaves. I clutched the steering wheel with…